Discount Disney World – Doing Disney on a Budget

For those people who have strict vacation budgets, a discount Disney World trip is a viable vacation option for themselves and their family. When you are first looking into a Walt Disney World vacation, it may seem as if you have limited options to get discounts. The opposite is true, however, as there are a variety of ways you can get a discount Disney World vacation on a tight budget.

The first step before booking your vacation is to know your budget. Once you have established your discount Disney World vacation budget, you can then move on to planning the various elements of your vacation. A typical Disney World vacation needs to account for transportation, hotel, park ticket and food. Once you have established your budget for these four aspects, you can start looking for discount Disney World vacations.

Transportation is a key aspect to your discount Disney World vacation. Unfortunately, not everybody lives close to the theme parks. To get a discount Disney World vacation, you must account for all aspects of your transportation. Cheap airfare can be easily purchased if you purchase the tickets well enough in advance. Occasionally, you can find last minute airfare specials but they can be a gamble. It’s best, if you are dealing with a discount Disney World budget, to purchase all elements of your vacation well enough in advance to insure that no extra surprises pop up. If you fly into Orlando, you have access to the complimentary Magical Express which will take you to and from the Orlando airport. Once at your Disney resort, you can take the free transportation to the theme parks, water parks and other attractions that are available.

The Disney resort you stay at is important for your discount Disney World vacation. There are a variety of price levels when it comes to the Disney resort area. You can stay at a value level, moderate level or deluxe level resort. You can plan your budget to accommodate any level of hotel. If you want to upgrade the level of resort without going over your discount Disney World vacation budget, check and see if there are any special discounts or deals going on for the resorts on property. Occasionally you can upgrade your resort level without going overboard on your budget.

The park ticket is an essential part of your discount Disney World vacation. This is the one element that you may find the most trouble in getting cheaply. Disney rarely discounts its park tickets. You may be able to find, however, special discounts like a military discount, a Florida resident discount or other such discount that you can apply to the purchase of your park ticket. The park ticket is an essential part of your discount Disney World vacation.

The last part of your discount Disney World vacation is your food. Dining on Disney property can be an expensive prospect. Disney offers a dining plan that can save you money if you want to eat your meals on Disney property. Many people bring their own food as well to help save some money. A good way to save a few dollars in your food budget is to bring breakfast food. Breakfast foods pack well and can be a good way to save money on the first meal of the day. Several of the rooms will also have amenities like a mini fridge or a coffeepot. You can use these elements of the room to help make your discount Disney World vacation a reality. A discount Disney World vacation can be an easy thing to plan as long as you know what options are available to you.