Discount Disney World Tickets

With the price of Walt Disney World park tickets going up each year, many people are searching for ways to get discount Disney World tickets. Good discount Disney World tickets can be hard to find, but they are out there. There are a variety of ways to get discount Disney World tickets for your vacation.

Walt Disney World offers several different discount Disney World tickets. These discount tickets come in a variety of ways. If you are a member of the military, Disney will offer discount Disney World tickets. These tickets come at a greatly reduced price. All you need to get this discounted rate is a valid photo ID showing your current status in the military. You can also purchase these discount Disney World tickets for your family as well. In order to purchase these military tickets, you must go to the souvenir store at Shades of Green. Shades of Green is a military resort located on Disney property. As a result, this resort often offers discount Disney World tickets and discount on rooms and dining for active military personnel.

Other kinds of discount Disney World tickets do exist if you are not a member of the military. If you are a resident of Florida, you are eligible for discounted tickets. Again, all you need is a valid photo ID to purchase these tickets. Children who are residents are eligible as well for discount Disney World tickets. Another benefit children will receive are discount Disney World tickets. No matter which state your family is from, if your child is under a certain age, they can get a discounted park ticket.

You may see discount Disney World tickets being offered at various souvenir stores and offices that are located off Disney property. Many companies are offering discount Disney World tickets as an incentive for listening to their sales pitch. With most of these companies being time-shares, they ask that you learn about their time-share program and then decide whether or not you wish to purchase it before having access to the discount Disney World tickets. If you are interested in the time-share program, this may be a good way to get discount Disney World tickets. But, if you are only listening to the time-share presentation to get the discount Disney World tickets, you might be better off getting your tickets elsewhere.

Unfortunately, people often try to resell their Disney tickets. By selling them at a discounted rate, many people take advantage of unwary visitors to Disney World. If you see a place or a person trying to sell you discount Disney World tickets that have already been used, be very cautious. Many people unwittingly purchase invalid tickets while they’re under the impression that they are purchasing discount Disney World tickets. If you want to purchase discount Disney World tickets, it is best to go through the official routes just to make sure you are not going to end up losing money on an invalid ticket.

Disney does offer discount Disney World tickets to its visitors. You can purchase your tickets in advance, which will often save you money. If you are eligible, you can add discounts such as a military discount or a Florida resident discount to your ticket as well. There are several different kinds of discount Disney World tickets available to you and to help make your Walt Disney World vacation more economical.